Yogasmith | Community Update 3/14
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Community Update 3/14

Community Update 3/14

Dear Community,
We write in the spirit of coming together to support the core of what our Yogasmith community is all about: Holding a space for whole-being wellness.

We are striving to walk the Middle Path: not succumbing to the fear, but also staying mindful and aware of the reality happening all around us. So here is what our mindful path looks like moving forward at Yogasmith.

1. Beginning on Monday, loaner mats and props will no longer be available. For the time being, we ask that you bring your own mat to practice and, if you use props, consider purchasing and bringing your own. We will have a few mats available for purchase at the studio, but our teachers will not be teaching classes that require props.

2. We are also asking that members bring your mats and other belongings home if you are currently storing them in the studio.

3. We will not be giving hands-on adjustments. In an effort to reduce physical contact, we will be focusing on verbal cues and adjustments. This also means: although we adore hugs and handshakes in our community, we’ll be opting for the elbow bump or extra-big-smile greetings for now.

4. We ask that you consider the wellbeing of the entire community. Even if you’re asymptomatic, if you’ve been around/live with someone who has been sick, please stay home to protect those with compromised immune systems and reduce risk. Also, please understand that we will ask teachers who are sick or exposed to remain home as well. We will do our best, as always, to find subs, but make it a habit to check the live schedule on the MindBody App for class updates in case of any cancellations.

5. Utilize the MindBody App. To reduce lines at the front desk and limit shared ipad touching, we encourage you to download the MindBody App on your phone and “check in” on your phone as you arrive to class. Also utilize the app for live updates on our schedule.

6. We are working on getting some video classes posted online to allow you to practice from home. Stay tuned for those announcements – and know that we will write again with any new developments.

7. Keep to the Middle Way, yogis. Be conscientious. Be kind. Take good care of yourself, and smile at everyone you meet. This too shall pass — and just like our practice, our task now is to find as much grace as we can in the face of the challenges.

Honoring the light in each of you…
Laurie Smith and the Yogasmith Team

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