Yogasmith | Jen Mathieson
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Jen Mathieson

Jen Mathieson (sub)

Teaching since 2008
Preferred teaching Styles: Yin and Vinyasa Flow


Jen“When you are in control of your breath no one can steal your peace” This has become the corner stone of Jen’s personal practice as well as her teaching.

Over the years Jen has leaned heavily on her knowledge of the breath to process grief, anxiety and trauma. She has utilized her knowledge of yoga asanas to heal the physical body and expand range of motion. What has been clear is that both the breath and movement when linked with the mind create a trifecta of balance, tranquility and healing.

In 2009 Jen began to explore the practice of Yin Yoga. This dynamic and slower paced approach provided a much needed outlet for connecting mind, body and breath. It has become her passion to share this healing practice with others and help them to experience the power of cultivating stillness.  Although Jen loves to play around with the fun and flow of vinyasa classes her heart is happiest when she is teaching Yin.

Jen holds a 200hr teaching certification from The Yoga of Energy Flow in 2008 run then by Carrie Tyler and Daniel Orlansky. She is also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach earning her certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016. In addition to being a yoga instructor, Jen is also the founder of Mad Crazy Bliss, a wellness ambassador for DoTerra Oils. Jen believes that what you put into and onto your body is an important part of creating a healthy and vibrant life and loves to bring these elements into her workshops and classes.

Jen took up running again at the start of 2016 after many years off! She found that her yoga practice brought great mental focus to her running and allowed her to set and reach some lofty race goals! She uses the techniques she learned on the mat to help others reach similar goals off the mat.

When she is not on the mat or on the road running she is usually in the kitchen playing around with new and fun recipes to try out on her (sometimes reluctant!) family. Born and raised on the New England Seacoast, Jen is thrilled to once again call the Seacoast home after spending 5 years in Burlington, Vermont. Jen was the proud co-owner of Dover Yoga for several years before relocating and has enjoyed reconnecting with so many of her former students!