Yogasmith | Kerri LeBlanc
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Kerri LeBlanc

Kerri LeBlanc

Teaching since 2018 
Certification: 200 HR through Wellheart Yoga
Preferred Teaching Styles: Vinyasa, Ashtanga

Kerri is an avid hiker and firm believer in the #yogaeverydamnday movement. Participating in three sports in high school, as well as being a DII soccer player, Kerri has been an athlete all her life. She is no stranger to the endorphins felt from getting her body moving. However, in 2010, as recommended by her orthopedic to help “stretch,” Kerri found yoga— but really found much more. The mental clarity, the calmness, and the connection between mind, body and breath was life-changing. The saying that “yoga is really what happens off the mat” could not be more true. She found herself slowing down, becoming more patient and aware and just more present and mindful. Winter in New England, with its dark days and cold temperatures, seemed less stifling with a consistent yoga practice. Currently Kerri is full-time Wellness Teacher and loves incorporating yoga, meditation, and mindfulness with her high school students. Her styles can be vinyasa flows emphasizing strength as well as body and breath connection, or gentle flows with a more restorative energy. Whatever they may be; her hope is that students will walk away feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally and able to transfer that energy off their mat and into their lives.