Yogasmith | Membership (Old)
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Membership (Old)

Membership at Yogasmith is available in monthly, drop-in, and specialty options.  We focus on providing monthly membership plans offering access to unlimited classes at any of our locations for a fraction of the cost of most yoga studios.  Stop by one of our studios and give us a try.  Your first class is always free!

Terms and conditions


The new member rate of $29/month is available only to first-time members for  12 month contract.  After the initial 12 months, the $29/month rate will expire and your membership will automatically renew at a rate of $40/month, with no annual contract.


Cancellation Policy: In order to keep our studio costs affordable for everyone, we must adhere to the one-year contract terms for those who are enrolled in our $29/month rate plan.  If you wish to cancel prior to your one-year membership expiration date, you will be charged a $100 cancellation fee or you may pay out the remainder of your contract.  Exceptions may be made for special circumstances.  All cancellations must be in done in writing at any Yogasmith studio 10 days prior to the next billing cycle in order to stop payment for the following month.