Yogasmith | About
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What we do

We craft yogis out of everyone, because we believe yoga is for everyone.

We do that by offering quality studio spaces, passionate teachers, and multiple locations at the most affordable price.

At Yogasmith, we focus on strengthening the body, calming the mind, and building a welcoming community. Welcome to your Yogasmith.

Our story

As Yogasmith opened in 2009 (originally as Zev Yoga) the team aimed to create a studio that would be accessible to anyone wanting to practice yoga, whether new or seasoned. That meant we had to keep membership prices affordable, find teachers who were knowledgeable and passionate, and create a studio space that was welcoming. We feel we did just that at our original Portsmouth studio. The following expansions to Exeter, Dover, and Amesbury increased the availability of yoga for those living and working on the seacoast. During COVID19, we made the tough decision to close two of our locations as we added a virtual studio and our On Demand library for those needing to practice at home. We are thankful to our amazing community and will continue to provide yoga to everyone who wants to practice.

Ownership Team