Yogasmith | Virtual New Year’s Yoga Mala
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Virtual New Year’s Yoga Mala

Virtual New Year’s Yoga Mala

Register at under Events. Join Gail for 108 sun salutations on New Year’s day! Start your new year by surrendering what was 2020, moving through any leftover stuck energy and allowing yourself to open to future possibilities!

For this practice, you can have your own personal intention should you choose. Your intentions can include New Year’s resolutions, gratitudes, personal dedications to others, etc. For example, Gail likes to write down her loved ones’ names and dedicate each sun salutation to them.

This is an opportunity to start the new year with a positive approach that is personal to you.

This practice will be broken down in nine sets of 12 sun salutations with short breaks between each set. A modified version will be available. Practicing all 108 sun salutations may take up to two hours to complete so be sure to leave enough time.

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